Spring 2020

34399491-c461-4ba3-a97e-9c4e63792835Everything has been so hectic this last month that we didn’t even acknowledge the change of seasons. Spring sprung on the 19th and some of these little beauties popped up right on time.

Then in typical New York fashion, there was frost, rain, more frost, and some snow.

Now that we’ll be stuck at home with nowhere to go thanks to everything being shut down, it’s the perfect time to set goals around the house and for our backyard. Listen, I am not complaining. I completely understand the need to close things down, in fact, it’s my opinion that there are some businesses not closed yet that probably should. Places like drive-thru restaurants really have no business being open, but   I suppose that’s not my business.

Moving right along, it’s time to make plans for the yard and there’s already quite a bit that we have in mind. The kids and I raked the entire yard (twice now) to get all of our leaves, sticks and everything else into one giant pile and my husband has already cut down some of the mangey bushes that were barely clinging to life back there.



  • Level the yard.
  • Bust out concrete.
  • Get some grass seed down.
  • Grind out stumps.
  • Build a raised garden bed.
  • Plant vegetables.
  • Hang tree swing.
  • Build a firepit.
  • Put up birdhouses.
  • Build outside toy storage.

Yikes. That list has been building up in my head for days and it looks a little daunting but there is no doubt in my mind that we can get it done, especially with all of this free time we have on hand right now. Leveling out the yard and busting out the old concrete walkway are my top two priorities and they somewhat go hand in hand but we’ll need some halfway decent weather to get out there with a jackhammer. Until then, little projects will be my main focus.

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