Reusable Snack Bags

Welcome back for another eco-friendly Friday y’all! I hope today finds you well and that you came prepared to make little life changes that will help you help the environment.

This week is another simple switch that can keep a bit of green in your pockets over time. We’ve been using reusable snack bags since our oldest son started kindergarten, not only is it cost effective but also remarkably easy to stick to. I looked forward to packing my son’s lunches for a long time, but filling them with single use baggies didn’t bring me joy. That’s when I found a abundance of different kinds of snack bags on Amazon.

There is a lot of talk about silicone snack bags out there right now, but I have to admit that these ones are not my favorite. They’re stiff, become easily discolored, and retain moisture for quite some time after being washed. We have a lot of zippered snack bags, which come in a variety of sizes which make packing everything from sandwiches to pretzel rods a breeze. The various prints are a lot of fun too, and you can find designs that would make anyone happy to use.

With around 1 million plastic bags used every minute, and the average family using 500 Ziploc bags alone each year, this is a small change that can make an enormous difference.

Even if you don’t have little ones to pack lunches for this can be an easy way to reduce your footprint when you do find yourself in need of a bag.

The average life of a plastic baggie is just 15 minutes and then off into the trash it goes. Talk about throwing away money!

I hope this encourages you to look into making some changes at home. Stay tuned for more eco-friendly advice and as always, thanks for reading.